Friday 16 September 2011- more warnings about the dangers of Petra

Here’s a link with some more warnings about the dangers in Petra:

Here’s one of them which is most concerning – no help given by anyone.

Danger Petra, jordan
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Greetings All.
My written English is not so good so bear with me.

There is a lot of talk about safety at Petra, but in my opinion Petra is not as safe as you might think.

This is the story about the horrible and shamefull treatment we recieved by the Jordanian guide Riyadh and the beduins of Petra,on our daytrip from Sharm el Sheik, Egypt to Petra, Jordan with Al Jawad tour company on tuesday august 2011.

When we arrived from Egypt to Aqqaba port in the morning we were not greeted by our English guide. He was 10 minuttes late.
We were told we were missing a bus and had to wait a short period at aqqaba castle where there would be a cafe and toilets.
This was not the case there were no access to water and no toilets were open.
All your guide from Al Jawad did was to say that he cant help us, is it not his job he said.

After an hour I managed to get the guard at Aqqaba to open a rather disgusting toilet.

Aqqaba castle is a fenced area and since we got no help and no information from our guide Riyadh we were infact kept prisoners for more than 3 hours.
Around 1300 Jordanian time we could finally leave and we driven to a restaurant, despite the fact everyone wanted to go to Petra.
We kept complaining but the guide did nothing.

We finally arrived at Petra at 1530, and the official closing time at Petra is 1700.
We wanted to see the monastery, but going up the stairs on horse back there were suddenly no tourists left, and our beduin guide got very nasty.

He sexually harrashed my girlfriend and were left alone when he fled with our horses.

We the fled down the mountain to the area with temples and restaurants and found ourselves alone.
There were no tourist police, none of the guides from the tour company, the toilest were locked, no access to water, the restaurants were closed, and no other tourists. 
We were all alone with the beduins who chased us for more than a mile back to the Treasury were we finally could see other turist and the beduins disappeared.
During the chase of us we were on foot and the beduins rode very close to us and starred at us with evil eyes, yes evil eyes is the best description.

We then returned to the bus and complained again, but again there we no help 

We are still in shock and anger after our trip to Jordan.

We have complained to Al Jawad tours and recieved no reply.

And also complained to the Jordan Embassy in Berlin.


Written Aug 25, 2011
Read more:

This is so sad because Petra could be a great destination for tourists but unfortunately the Jordanian authorities do not take any of these incidents seriously enough. I made an official complaint about the scammers of Wadi Musa to the Jordanian Police on 29 November 2010 – two days after I found out it was a scam. They do nothing. The King of Jordan is aware of the problems in Petra, the Chief of Police is aware of the problems in Wadi Musa/Petra, the Minister of Tourism , Dr Ghazaleh who is a woman and therefore you would think she might empathise just refers any complaints to her underlings and has no interest in fixing the problem in this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even the Attorney-General of Petra summoned me to his office on 1 June 2011 to explain my bad experiences but NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE. It is disgraceful. The attitude of the Commissioner for Petra Archaeological Park is shocking. They have no interest in cleaning up Petra because the Bedouins bring in big dollars to the Jordanian economy. I waited patiently for ACTION for over 9 months before deciding that all I can do is warn other tourists not to go there until it is cleaned up of these parasitic scammers. It is unpleasant and dangerous.  My scammer started his deceitful ways with me on 4 August last year. I was unsuspecting and fell straight into his trap. I have given the Jordanian Police his name and details but they DO NOTHING.

Jordan is a beautiful ancient place to visit and I have enjoyed my stay here whilst thinking that the Jordan authorities were doing something to improve the situation. Now that I have read these recent horrific reviews, I realise that the situation has only become worse. The Bedouins are now over-confident that they can make big money from unsuspecting travellers. That will be their downfall – Inshallah! If the authorities will do nothing then we. travellers have to warn others so that the Bedouins illicit income dries up. Someone somewhere will have the decency to listen soon. A Bedouin friend of mine from Amman who is shocked by this bad Bedouin behaviour phoned a Member of Parliament this week and his reaction was to ask “If she gets her JD20,000 back will she stop her International Awareness Campaign about the Dangers of Petra?” Of course my answer was very clear. This is not about the money. This is about clearing these evil impostors from the most prestigious Tourism Site in Jordan. Petra should be treated as a Holy Place. It should be sacrosanct. It should not be treated as a garbage tip for the trash of the local town, Wadi Musa to practise their evil scams. It is getting worse not better and I am appalled by the inaction from Jordan. What a shame! What a pity!


3 thoughts on “Friday 16 September 2011- more warnings about the dangers of Petra

  1. Keep Yourself Away From Wadi Rum!

    It is a very sad story that took place with me in Wadi Rum. It is unbelievable that such a thing can still happen in the 21st century.
    On January 1, 2014 I crossed the Israeli border with the only wish to spend a couple of days in a magnificent desert of Wadi Rum. At 1 pm Mosa Saleah Al-Zalabeih, – the owner of Wadi Rum Galaxy Camp, – to whom I came to work as a volunteer, came to pick me up. He was not just cute on that day. He was incredibly handsome. I fell in love with him from the very first moment. He seemed to feel the same. He was smiling and looked happy.
    On the way to Wadi Rum, I was feeling how this beautiful desert was putting magic on me. Everything was so familiar, as though I had been living there before. I was more than sure that it would be the right place to create a family and to stay for life.
    After 4 months (on May 13, 2014) I came back to Wadi Rum and we got married.
    The first weeks that I spent with his mother were not really happy. The family was very poor and lived in terrible conditions. No kitchen, no shower, no bed linen, – nothing. Children slept on the sand and very often there was no food at all. When the school year got over and all the crowd left to the desert, I was left alone. Mosa locked me in a small dirty room which I shared with mice. He didn’t allow me to speak with anyone and controlled all my steps. I was kept like a slave in a jail. Very often he forgot about me and I had to stay hungry, without food and any means of communication. Through lie, sweet words and sometimes pressure my husband managed to take all my money. He scammed absolutely everything I had. When there was nothing else to take, he decided to throw me away like a trash. He never treated me like a wife. He didn’t spend a JD on me. No house, no food, nothing.
    All the family knew that there was something wrong, but did noting. No one came to visit me or to ask whether I need anything. It seemed that Mosa waited for my death from starving. Then he would bury the body and sign with relief.
    When Mosa decided to get rid of me, I managed to survive only thanks to the family, who found me. They brought me to their home, gave food and clothing. During 2 weeks the family took care of me. Thanks to them I went to the Tourist Police, wrote a complain on my husband and returned all the money. I had to put him into the jail, but under the pressure of the family I agreed not to do it. I was very sick and tired. The only wish I had was to return the money and to go back to my home.
    Wadi Rum is the worst place you can choose to come. People lie here and treat foreigners very badly. The last time scamming is growing so rapidly in this region. In the police I was told that my case unfortunately was not the first one in Wadi Rum.
    My husband treated me so badly. He lied to me from the very first day I know him. He made me leave my job and country. He made me take Islam. He organized a fake wedding in the village to make me believe that I will stay for life with him. After he scammed me for 4100 JD, I was needed no more. He threw me away like a trash. Only thanks to my complain that I wrote in the Tourist Police, I managed to return all the money and finally to come back to my country.
    Sorry to say, but Wadi Rum, like Petra, has become a platform for scamming. People forgot their real values. Traditions and religion are dying here. Money has taken their place.

    • So sorry that this is still happening in Jordan and obviously getting worse. My only recommendation is to put it down to life’s rich tapestry and move on with your life. Please do not let them win by ruining the rest of your life. Brave woman for posting this. The more we make the world aware of these reprobates, scammers, liars and vermin who are barely human. My sympathy is with you but please move on a wiser woman and count your blessings that you received your money back and that you are alive. Well done, brave girl.

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